How to Tell If Your Refrigerator Is Broken: Signs to Look Out For

How to Tell If Your Refrigerator Is Broken: Signs to Look Out For

Last Updated on March 4, 2023 by Roy Amritanshu(Rahul)

Your refrigerator is an essential appliance in your home, keeping your food fresh and preventing spoilage. However, just like any other machine, your refrigerator may develop faults and breakdowns, which can be a cause for concern. The last thing you want is to discover your refrigerator has stopped working, and your food has gone bad. Therefore, it is essential to know the signs that indicate your refrigerator is not functioning correctly.

Unusual Noise

One of the most apparent signs that your refrigerator is broken is unusual noise. If you notice that your refrigerator is making loud, strange noises, such as buzzing, rattling, or humming, it could be a sign that the compressor is failing, or the fan blades are faulty.

Warm Temperature

Another sign that your refrigerator is broken is a warm temperature inside the fridge. When your refrigerator is working correctly, it should maintain a consistent temperature between 35-38 degrees Fahrenheit. However, if you notice that your food is not as cold as it should be, it could be a sign that your refrigerator is not cooling correctly, which can lead to food spoilage.


If you notice water or fluid leaking from your refrigerator, it could be a sign of a broken refrigerator. Leaks can occur due to a variety of reasons, including a clogged drain line, a broken water supply line, or a faulty defrost drain.

Frost Buildup

Another sign that your refrigerator is not working correctly is frost buildup. Frost accumulation inside the fridge or freezer can indicate that the door seal is damaged, the defrost thermostat is malfunctioning, or the evaporator fan is not working correctly.


If you notice an unusual odor coming from your refrigerator, it could be a sign that something is wrong. A strong, pungent smell could indicate that food has gone bad due to inadequate cooling, while a musty smell can indicate mold or mildew growth.


In conclusion, a broken refrigerator can cause a lot of inconveniences and food spoilage. Therefore, it is crucial to be aware of the signs that indicate a faulty refrigerator, such as unusual noise, warm temperature, leaks, frost buildup, and odor. If you notice any of these signs, it is best to have a professional technician inspect your refrigerator and perform any necessary repairs to avoid further damage.

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