Proper Storage of Raw Meat in the Refrigerator

Proper Storage of Raw Meat in the Refrigerator

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Raw meat is a perishable food item that needs to be stored correctly to prevent bacterial growth, contamination, and spoilage. When storing raw meat in the refrigerator, it is essential to follow some basic guidelines to ensure its safety and quality. In this article, we will discuss the proper storage of raw meat in the refrigerator, including where to place it and some essential tips to follow.

Choose the Right Container:

When storing raw meat in the refrigerator, it is crucial to use a container that is clean, leak-proof, and airtight. The container should be large enough to hold the meat without overcrowding it, which can lead to the growth of harmful bacteria. Avoid using plastic bags or wrapping the meat in aluminum foil as they are not airtight and can easily tear.

Place Meat on the Bottom Shelf:

It is recommended to store raw meat on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. This is because any juices or drips from the meat can potentially contaminate other foods in the fridge if placed above. To prevent cross-contamination, you can place the meat on a tray or plate to catch any liquids that may escape.

Keep Meat Away from Other Foods:

Raw meat should always be stored away from other foods in the refrigerator, especially those that will be consumed without further cooking, such as fruits and vegetables. If possible, keep the meat in a separate drawer or compartment of the refrigerator.

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Store Meat at the Right Temperature:

It is important to keep the temperature of the refrigerator below 40°F (4°C) to slow down the growth of harmful bacteria. You can use a thermometer to check the temperature regularly and adjust the settings as needed.

Use Meat Within a Few Days:

Raw meat should not be stored in the refrigerator for more than a few days. To ensure freshness and quality, it is recommended to use or freeze the meat within three to five days of purchase. If you are unsure whether the meat is still safe to eat, it is best to discard it.


Proper storage of raw meat in the refrigerator is crucial to prevent bacterial growth, contamination, and spoilage. By following the above guidelines, you can ensure that your meat stays fresh and safe for consumption. Always remember to choose the right container, place the meat on the bottom shelf, keep it away from other foods, store it at the right temperature, and use it within a few days.

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